Images from The Trans-Greenland Expedition 1933-34
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Apply for a Grant

The Andrew Croft Memorial Fund grants funds to expeditions or projects that fit within the Fund’s Objectives, i.e.:

  • The advancement of education of young people below the age of thirty in such subjects which can be advanced by research and field work particularly in the Arctic by the provision of grants to such persons to enable them to participate in scientific expeditions.
  • Such exclusively charitable purposes or purposes as the Trustees shall at their absolute discretion decide for the benefit of the inhabitants of Arctic communities.
  • For the benefit of the public by assisting members of Her Majesty’s Constabulary with the cost of further education and training which will enhance their effectiveness within the community.

Alongside the Objectives above, and in the spirit of Colonel Andrew Croft’s life, the broad aim of the Memorial Fund is to support the personal development of young people aged 16 to 30, primarily through field study (with a modicum of physical exertion and adventure) in the Arctic regions. The Trustees tend to support applications with a practical element where individuals or groups are involved and which promote, through a combination of challenge and adventure in unfamiliar places, co-operation, team spirit, scientific understanding and the development of leadership qualities and skills.

Alongside grants to individuals and teams, two special awards are conferred by the ACMF from time-to-time in memory of two individuals who were close to the Fund and its Trustees:

The Jamie Gardiner Award

The  award is conferred for the most compelling individual application of Arctic endeavour received by the Trustees, in memory of Jamie Gardiner, a young explorer of remarkable talent, who died in a mountaineering accident in Norway in January 2017 in his early 20s. He was the deputy leader of the challenging and successful Oxford University 2016 Expedition ‘Spitsbergen Retraced’, of which the Memorial Fund was a sponsor, as well as the recipient of an earlier grant for a sailing and mountaineering expedition in Greenland. The award celebrates his sadly short life and his unfulfilled promise.

The Charles Swithinbank Award

The award  is conferred for the most compelling team application of Arctic endeavour received by the Trustees, in memory of the Memorial Fund’s first Patron who died in 2014. Charles Swithinbank was renowned as the foremost glaciologist of his generation and carried out work in both polar regions, particularly in Antarctica which he visited more than a score of times and where no fewer than six places carry his name. He held the Polar Medal, the Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society, its highest award, as well as the Vega Medal of the Royal Swedish Geographical Society. He was, as a long-standing friend and admirer of Andrew Croft, an early and enthusiastic supporter of the aims and objectives of the charity.

Before applying, please note:

All applications should be submitted by 8th March each year. Successful applicants will be advised be email no later than 15th May.

Applicants should be aware that the ACMF does not normally provide grants to students undertaking university-directed fieldwork when it forms part of their degree course.

For an application form, or if you have any questions to check that your expedition or project would be considered suitable for an application, please get in touch.

For details of previous beneficiaries, please see the tabs below.

Previous Beneficiaries

Individuals The Jamie Gardiner Award. Finnmark: ‘Arctic Connections’
Individual Research into present-day reactions to Danish ‘Imperial’ relations with Greenland
Team West Greenland: Mountaineering in the sub-Arctic Nuuk region


Team The Charles Swithinbank Award. Vatnajoekull Ice Cap
Essex Boys & Girls Club Nepal Adventure
Team Newfoundland Expedition
Team Finnmark Expedition
Team South Greenland Geological Mapping Expedition
Individual (Police Officer) MSc in Police Leadership, Strategy and Organisation from Derby University


Excelsior Academy, Newcastle Geographical study in Iceland
University of Glasgow Flora Research
Individual Lichenometrically dating Little Ice Age glacial fluctuations around the Kebnekaise Massif
Team Tasermiut Fjord Climbing
Individual Sea Ice Research
Individual (Police Officer) MSc in Police Leadership, Strategy and Organisation from Derby University


Team The Charles Swithinbank Award. ‘Spitsbergen Retraced’ Oxford University Svalbard Expedition 2016
Team Svalbard: Evaluating effects of climate change on Svalbard
Individual Barrow, North Alaska: study of the impact of climate change on Inupiat populations
Individual MSc in Police Leadership, Strategy and Organisation, University of Derby
Individual MSc in Police Leadership, Strategy and Organisation, University of Derby
British Exploring Society Arctic Leadership Training
Team Sailing expedition to Svalbard
Individual ‘Vertical Sailing’ Expedition, Greenland
Individual Expedition to Nuuk Fjord and Mountains
Team Falkland Islands Circumnavigation by Kayak
Individual Post-doctoral research, part II, on microbiology of the Greenland ice-sheet
Individual Iceland Explorer Belt
Individual Northern Circumpolar Star analysis
Individual Study at University Centre, Svalbard
Individual Study at University Centre, Svalbard
Individual MSc in Police Leadership, Strategy and Organisation, University of Derby
British Exploring Society Finnmark Expedition 2014 Bursary Fund
Scott Polar Institute Ponting negatives rescue appeal
John Lyon School Green Lyon expedition 11 to East Greenland
University of Glasgow Exploration Society Iceland Expedition
Salcombe Yacht Club Expedition to Greenland
Wallasey School Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme equipment purchase
Individual Arctic Canada and Greenland 2014 Expedition
Individual Greenland 360, 2014 Expedition
Individual Post-doctoral research on microbiology of the Greenland ice-sheet
Individual 2014 Alaska Expedition
Individual Research work on the Solheimajoekull glacier, Iceland


British Exploring Society Finnmark Expedition 2013
Individual Wales Patagonia Expedition 2013
Individual West Greenland Marine Fieldwork
Individual Glacier Movement Study, Abisko, Sweden
Individual Oceanographic monitoring in Semilik Fjord
Individual Oxford West Greenland Expedition
Individual The Dark Ice Project
Individual ‘Northern Exposure’: Arctic skills training
Individual University of St Andrews East Greenland Expedition


BSES Expedition Finnmark: Bursary Fund
Imperial College Expedition
Aberystwyth University Greenland Overwintering Expedition
John Lyon School Liverpool Land, East Greenland Expedition
West Lancashire Scouts East Greenland Expedition


BSES Young Explorers’ Bursary Fund
Imperial College Svalbard Expedition
Individual Grant towards MSc in Forensic Investigation


BSES Next Generation Programme; Young Explorers Bursary Fund; Young Leaders Bursary Fund
Team Field study, Icelandic Jokuljlaup Project
Individual MSc geological and hydrothermal study of gold mineralisation, Sermiligaarsuk Fjord, Greenland
Individual Dorset Expedition Society – expedition to Alaska
Individual Young Explorers Trust: Greenland Expedition


BSES Expeditions ‘Next Generation’ Programme
Oxford University Tien Shan Expedition
Imperial College, London Greenland 2009 Expedition
Individual Greenland journey


BSES Expeditions Southern Endurance Expedition
BSES Expeditions Outreach Programme
BSES Expeditions
Support to members of the Svalbard expedition
Oxford University Greenland Expedition
University of Nottingham Kamchatka Expedition
University of Swansea Glaciology Group’s participation in the Royal Society Summer Exhibition


BSES Expeditions Young Leaders Training Programme
BSES Expeditions Funding support to young explorers
BSES Expeditions 75th Anniversary Appeal
West Lancashire County Scouts Mountaneering Group East Greenland 2007 Expedition
Fuchs Foundation Ellsworth Mountains Expedition
St Jude’s Cathedral, Iqaluit Restoration Appeal
Individual East Greenland 2007 Expedition


BSES Expeditions Young Leaders Training Programme
Scott Polar Research Institute W Mills Library Appeal
Oxford University Greenland Expedition
Cambridge University East Greenland Expedition
Team Expedition to Greenland
Queen Elizabeth High School, Isle of Man Expedition to South Greenland
Individual Research into global warming in Arctic Sweden


Metropolitan Police Leadership training for Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme undertaken by Volunteer Police Cadets units
Maritime Rescue Insitute, Stonehaven To enable disadvantaged youth participants in training of safety at sea near the Artcitc Circle
BSES Expeditions To support needy participants in BSES Arctic Expeditions
Durham University Alaska Expedition
Cambridge Univesity Mountaineering Club Centenary Expedition to Kangerdlussuaq, Greenland
Project Rangifer Study of reindeer displacement


BSES Expeditions Support for Young Leaders, 2004 Iceland Expedition
Imperial College, London (Trans-) Greenland Expedition 2004
Royal Geographical Society, London Donation to Polar Archives


BSES Expeditions To support needy participants in BSES Arctic Expeditions
Individual Sarek Ski Mountaneering Expedition: Ascent of eight peaks above 2,000m in (remote) Sarek region of Arctic Sweden
Individual Research into the impact of climate change on indigenous reindeer herding communities in Arctic Sweden
Individual Durham University West Greenland Expedition


Metropolitan Police Publication of “Policing Diversity” handbook
BSES Expeditions Arctic Expedition – Development of leadership, observational and co-operative skills in harsh environments
Cambridge Bay Library Fund, Nunavut Restoration of library following fire
Individual Study of sediment transfer in High Arctic systems (Svalbard)


Individual Nottingham Trent University – British Schweizerland Expedition
Individual Greenland 2000 Expedition: Crossing the Ice Cap from Ammassalik to Kangerdlussuaq


Individual Teaching trekking in Nepal
Individual Study of biodiversity in Chinese National Park